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No More Wet Spot – 50″ x 60″ Reversible, Waterproof Blanket

I am absolutely in love with the No More Wet Spot waterproof blanket. As most of you know, I am a squirter. I was sick and tired of having to mop up my mattress with towels and having to wash my sheets multiple times a week. The NMWS blanket has changed everything!

The No More Wet Spot blanket is made is 100% polyester. This makes it a very soft, washable fleece type blanket. The reason why it is waterproof is the finishing. While there are technically 3 layers, they are all fused together to make one thick, waterproof fabric (see below for a semi NSFW photo of the blanket in use!). To wash it, all you have to do is toss it in the washer and dry it on low, or hang dry it, like I did.

Since I am a projectile squirter, I decided to get to the largest version of this blanket. It’s a perfect size to fit over the entirety of my queen bed. This makes it the perfect addition to any play because you just toss it on the bed and not have to worry about placement. Your whole bed is covered!

I was actually a bit worried about this thing since I have heard about other companies who make waterproof blankets making theirs super rough, hard, or even tarp-like. I definitely didn’t want that. Must to my surprise, this was nothing like that. The NMWS blanket is SOOO soft. Also, because of the ‘waterproof-ness’, it’s fairly weighted, so I do admit to having used it as a weighted blanket during a couple of my naps.

The picture below is a testament to the blankets absorption. While that amount of liquid may not look like much, I can assure you, it was, and the blanket sucked it ALL up! I was thrilled. Plus, because if the material, it didn’t bunch up, or inch away, no mater how much I thrashed around.

For those of you who love to get messy, or just get messy naturally, like me, this blanket is a MUST for your collection. It comes in 3 different sizes and there are 3 different color combos, so you have an abundance of customization options. I am so happy that I have something now that helps me feel comfortable being a squirter.

You can get the No More Wet Spot Waterproof Blanket HERE and use the code RAVEN for 5% off!!

I was sent the No More Wet Spot Waterproof Blanket for free in exchange for my honest review. If you wish for me to review one or more of your products, contact me! I would love to hear from you!

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These are a Few of My 2019 Favorite Things

We’re coming to the end of the year (AND THE DECADE!), so I thought it would be really fun to make a list of all of the products that I have reviewed and fallen in love with this year. I’ll post the links to the blog posts as well as any affiliate links that might be attached to said product. Enjoy!!

1. Noje Quiver

I picked the Blush Novelties Noje Quiver for my top spot simply because of how surprised I was by it. In the past, I had always said that pinpoint stimulation doesn’t work for me, but this toy proved that statement wrong. I love this product (and how fast it makes me cum!)

Get the Noje Quiver HERE! Plus you’ll receive $10 off your first order AND free shipping on orders over $55 when you use the code PINKSPACELIME!

2. Reece and Rose Mini Massage Wand

The Reece and Rose Mini Massage Wand is a must have for any toy collection. It’s body safe, powerful, and it’s cheap! Reece and Rose makes sure that, no matter who you are, you can always afford to love and pleasure yourself.

3. B-Vibe Rimming

The B-Vibe Rimming Plug Petite is mind blowing! Honestly, there isn’t much else I can say that I didn’t say in my review!

You can find this amazing booty toy at SheVibe!

4. Intimate Earth Green Foaming Cleaner

Intimate Earth Green Foaming Cleanser is a game changer. This stuff has a multitude of uses. You can use it on your toys and its safe enough to use on your skin in your daily routine. It smells so fresh and leaves your toys squeaky clean, naturally!

Get the Intimate Earth Green Foaming Toy Cleaner HERE!

5. Playmate Aftercare Towel

The Play Mate After Care Towel is wonderful! It is so soft and plush, it will never irritate your skin. The amount that even this little towel can absorb is astonishing. Any little mess will be dry in an instant!

Get your own After Care Towel at AnnaRae!

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Play Mate After Care Towel by Anna Rae

This is probably the best product I have ever received. It’s so soft and plushy, and the speed at which is absorbs liquid is insane! I no longer have to worry about my squirting ‘issues’ thanks to this thing. The Play Mate is the smallest of the products from Anna Rae and you can bet your ass I will be buying the entire collection!

The Play Mate Aftercare Towel (and the rest of the products from Anna Rae) is made out of a super soft microfiber material and lined with a luxurious satin. To clean the towel, all you need to do is wash it in some warm water with gentle detergent. I experimented with different methods of cleaning mine. The first time I washed it in the sink and let it air dry. The second time I washed it in the washer and dried it separately in the dryer. The third time, I washed it in the washer then let it air dry. The last one is my personal favorite method.

Cleaning up squirt spots is a magical experience. Before, after I would take all the sheet off the bed to be washed, I would have to put multiple towels and usually a fan pointed at the spot to attempt to get it dry. Not anymore! After removing the sheets, all I have to do is press the towel into the mattress a few times and it is 100% dry. I was so surprised.

Cleaning up after sex has been forever changed. You ever see Parks and Rec when Andy is talking about the ‘marker’ situation? Yeah, that’s how I felt using a regular hand towel to wipe up. I would wipe and wipe, and I’d usually end up using multiple towels. With the Play Mate, not only is it PHENOMENALLY soft and gentle on my bits, but it only takes a couple of wipes to get fully cleaned up, at least enough to safely waddle to the bathroom without leaving a trail on cum on the floor. If that hasn’t happened to you, you’re lying.

Something that I really love this towel for is literal ‘after care’. If you take part in any type of rough kink/fetish play, this towel will make an amazing addition to your life. It’s gentle enough that you can clean the skin without it feeling like it’s on fire. This is especially important if your play breaks the skin.

I cannot praise the Play Mate enough. I use this one almost every day, so I’m definitely going to have to invest in more. While there are larger towels available, this one is perfect for packing away (and being discrete, should you need that). Using the Anna Rae towels, you can rest easy (or play hard) knowing that your bed will stay dry and your most sensitive skin will stay happy.

Check out the Anna Rae shop HERE

I was sent the Play Mate After Care Towel for free in exchange for my honest review. If you wish for me to review one or more of your products, contact me! I would love to hear from you!