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Godemiche Skrue Effulgence Medium

I feel so bad about it taking this long for me to get around to writing this. I got this toy literally the day before I decided to originally quit doing my Pink Space Lime blog. So without further adieu, the Skrue, by Godemiche silicone.

I love the Skrue so much. Overall, such a quality toy. The base is so unique! Because it’s flared, it’s both harness and anal compatible. The ‘screw’ rivets make the sensation, both vaginally and anally, so delightful. This specific version was a custom creation, but you can get a different version here.


  • Pretty!
  • Perfect size for different types of play
  • Unique base
  • Flared for harness and anal play
  • Ridges are wonderful anally
  • 100% body safe silicone
  • Squishy but not overly so


  • The only real negative that I found was that when I got it, specifically this version, there was glitter still coming off it, and there are small holes in a few places where the glitter came out. Nothing a good deep cleaning after use won’t fix!

I received the Skrue for free in exchange for my honest review. If you’d like to work with me, or have me review your products, please contact me.

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Fiddle Fone

When I saw the Fiddle Fone on the Humango Toys website I was obssessed! I immediately reached out to the owner and asked if it would be at all possible to review it. I told him that I have autism and the idea of using the Fiddle Fone as a stim toy was very exciting.

Once I got the toy, the love was real. I used it for hours and it did exactly what I thought it would. The smell and the sensation of the wood was intoxicating. I had a blast (see below for some stim examples). I loved using it for its intended purpose as well, to replace the endless scroll on our phones.

Overall, it was a great product to test, with the possible future issues of cleanliness aside. I now keep this toy permanently next to me to keep me focused and to let me stim when I need to, it’s wonderful. Please, support this small business and get your own Fiddle Fone today!


  • Can use it for its original intention, to distract yourself when you put your phone down.
  • Works as a stim toy (rolling the ball, flipping it in your hand, and jiggling it) (see gifs)
  • Smells WONDERFUL
  • Local (pdx) small business


  • Worried about cleanliness. It’s stained, but it’s basically raw wood, so using it a lot (especially the roller ball) could lead to gunk build up, especially in the roller chamber, since you cant remove the ball to clean it. I COMPLETELY understand that this isn’t made for extreme use, but for the use that I am using it for, these are my worries.

I was sent the Fiddle Fone for free by HumanGo Toys in exchange for my honest review. If you wish for me to review one or more of your products, contact me! I would love to hear from you!